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January 1, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 1


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The US Tax Code for 2012 is 73,608 pages long. It would be a stack of paper 24 1/2 feet tall. In your house it would be three (3) floor-to-ceiling stacks of paper. How many of our Congressional representatives have read what they have made into law? It’s no wonder that only big corporations and the super rich can afford the lawyers to find all the exemptions for them!


I agree with the person complaining about the elected officials not bringing in businesses we need. When you make a coat, you make sure all the pieces fit and then sew it together. When you are rebuilding a city, you are supposed to not jump from one idea to another to get your photos in the paper and then not work on making it all fit together. We need the dollar stores and second hand ones for the people who still live here but to get more well off people to move here or even shop here, you need to make the city whole again, not just spend money on boaters at the city lines who will never venture into the middle where we need them to come.

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