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January 4, 2013

Sound Off published Jan. 4

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Noah Pozner, age 6, was buried (recently). He had been hit 11 times by the shooter in Newtown, Conn. Ban assault rifles immediately. They are only used for killing in war. The gun lobby wants to protect gun ownership. How many of them go deer-hunting with a “machine gun”? Is there any skill in using an assault rifle for target practice? No one is safe when these guns are in the hands of “collectors.”


I think they should allow fighting in the schools ... I’ve been on Navy ships and when we have problems we box. Fighting could be one of the lessons, because what’s going on now ain’t working.


What ever happened to the NT pizza man convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud? It was reported in 2011 but never followed up with any punishment. Did he just get off with nothing after ripping off his clients?


The Republicans gave new meaning to the word “compromise” with their vote on the fiscal cliff. To them it means “cave-in.” What else are they going to cave-in to with this president? They just made me embarrassed to say I’m a Republican. If you’re a Democrat, don’t complain about your taxes going up. You should have voted for the other guy and we wouldn’t be in this mess. Your definitely part of the problem rather than the solution and now it looks like the Republicans have joined with all you Democrats. As for me, I’m changing my affiliation to independent.