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February 3, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 3

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Obama and all his cronies are talking about how they are gonna fix immigration and the borders. But you never hear them talk about the Canadian border. How many people do we have coming into America from Canada. And how many are going from America into Canada? How’s Canada take care of its borders? What’s up? You never see anything in the paper about it though. They always just talk about Mexico. What about the people who come into Canada from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Afghanistan? They go to Canada, it’s an international country, and they just get on a plane and fly in. Then they come to the United States and never leave.


I just got done reading the yahoo article in Tuesday’s paper about guns. The amendment was put in the Constitution for a reason. That’s in case you get a government that wants to overthrow and dictate the people, so the people got something to fight back with. You can’t fight back with a bolt-action rifle. And I don’t trust that president we got in there right now. Remember what he said five years ago? He’d like to have big machinery and big armaments in the big cities. Yeah did you forget that?


Why is it when the government and all these people complain about guns, like the person in Sound Off, they all talk about having to take away our guns. What about the responsible people that have guns? The responsibility on these people that are using them wrongly should fall on the parents. Because most of these people are the younger generation. The older generation, the sportsmen and the hunters don’t really care about that style of gun. Most people who have these AR-15s are irresponsible, spoiled kids who get what they want from daddy and mommy.


Two years ago I was paying 60 cents a cubic foot for gas to heat my house. Since that time, natural gas has gone down 75 percent, but I’m still paying over 50 cents a cubic foot. Why are we still paying over 50 cents a cubic foot for gas when it went down 75 percent on the open market? We have an abundance of natural gas so we should be paying less than that.