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February 9, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 9

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The right to bear arms. The Second Amendment. In this paper the believers in this amendment have been called disturbed, ignorant, stupid and other not-so-nice words. Well then I guess you’re calling Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hancock and all of our founding fathers the same. We law-abiding NRA members use weapons for hunting, skeet, target shooting and safe, outdoor (or in a range) fun. Again, over 99.5 percent of automatic weapons are NOT used for any other reason. What other weapon is safer? Come on gun haters, is a car safer? How about a knife? A plane? How about a walk to the store. This is not about automatic weapons, this is about people. Disturbed people that will use violence in any manner they can find. This law will do nothing to curb a disturbed person from doing bad things. Do you not agree with this? Tell me then, what will this accomplish besides punishing the 99.5 percent that are law-abiding and not ignorant, disturbed or stupid. We don’t need to resort to name calling as we are better than that! Now don’t let the truth frustrate you too much. God bless America.


In the Other View, “Hagel’s hearing indefensible” the writer didn’t care for Sen. McCain’s questioning or the number of times Israel vs. Iran were mentioned. The writer missed a chance to report on Hagel’s past favorable words on Iran, statements on reducing our military and weapons, and remarks criticizing Israel. Instead he aimed his discredit at McCain, using the selection of Palin as a measure of McCain. The same standard was not used to look at Hagel. The attempt was to undermine McCain’s credibility, not to review Hagel’s and his positions. Secretary of Defense is a very critical position, more so this time. We will become a target if we reduce our weapons and military as Hagel has talked about in the past. Oh, he changed, you think? Are we gullible? There are more experienced candidates such as the number two man in the Pentagon now not looked at in this article.