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February 21, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 22

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I think the gun owners have a different view of the new gun laws. The NRA is lying to you and making it sound like a bad thing. First of all NO ONE is taking away your guns or your right to own a gun. More thorough background checks, stiffer penalties for giving or selling a gun to a felon and smaller clips. Pistols are for protection, rifles are for hunting and target practice. Semi automatics are for mass killing. No one has any use for these weapons. A gun that can shoot 60 rounds per minute belongs in the military and not on the streets.


Reading about the recurrence of environmental problems in the Love Canal area of Niagara Falls leads me to ask where all the documentation is on how environmentally safe or unsafe are the Buffalo Bolt plant area, Tonawanda Island, the Durez and National Grinding Wheel area, Remington Rand plant area, Wurlitzer plant area, Riverside Chemical plant area, merry-go-round manufacturing areas, the sled and wagon plant area. Are NT residents living in those areas safe?


There was a thing on the news about the dentist who is a convicted felon because he filed false claims. He is now looking for a tax break from the government. I would think he does not deserve a tax break. As a dentist he is going to make tons of money. He doesn’t really need a tax break for redoing his building. Plus he’s a convicted felon! Ridiculous!


I think the Flight 3407 families are losing sight of what they’re doing. They aren’t the first to lose people in death, they won’t be the last. I think they are kind of beating this to death. I think they are doing this for themselves, not for the family. Maybe they should go to church and pray for their loved ones. It might help.