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March 7, 2013

Sound Off published March 7

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Was the reason Obama was in Florida playing golf with the oil executives because he was going to give them a break for their fines that are coming up? Is that the real reason he was playing golf? Was he getting a payoff or what?


Why don’t these people that want to save old buildings get a life. Get a life, and realize these buildings are dangerous and are just going to sit there empty. People are going to just damage them. It is ridiculous that they want to preserve these buildings. They’re old, dilapidated and dangerous. So what if people want to knock them down? New things need to come in town. These buildings are dangerous and they should be destroyed.


I am all for police protection in our schools, we have it everywhere. Recently I went to the social security office and there were two armed guards with bulletproof vests on. Then you talked to an agent behind bulletproof glass. Our children need to be protected. So let’s put armed police officers and metal detectors in our schools. If we can protect stores and federal agencies we need to protect our students. 


I thought getting rid of Lindy Ruff was the right thing to do. I thought he was a lousy coach and they should fire him. But now I’m having second thoughts. I think they should bring him back and get rid of that new coach they have. It seems they are doing worse with this new coach, and they were doing better with Lindy. The Sabres should rehire Lindy and give him three or four more years to do his thing. I think he was on the right track. Give him another chance.