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April 6, 2013

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They talk about saving money. You wanna save some money, take back all the free cell phones you gave people. Also take back all the money you give to people to maintain their used cars. People that are on assistance from the state get $2,500 a year to fix their cars. Nobody gives me money to fix my car, I gotta come up with it myself. I don’t think my taxes should go to people that don’t work and don’t do nothing because they are lazy and don’t wanna work. Besides there aren’t any jobs either.  


To the person who loves Obama in Wednesday’s paper. I got one thing to tell ya, wait until the end of this year and beginning of next year and tell me if you still love your Obama. Because that’s when big bills start kicking in, and that’s what you’re gonna realize. He takes the polls so he can see what people really want, then does the exact opposite. Got any jobs yet? What about Green Peace? Do we have any oil? No, because Green Peace is too much. He wants to appease the people in Green Peace and that’s why we don’t have any oil. Why don’t you wake up! You’ll wake up in 2014, I can guarantee ya that!

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