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February 24, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 24

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Will Canal Fest be all on the NT side and without the rides this year? Winter Walk seemed from its publicity to be all on the NT side. Guess the Gateway Cities are no longer the Twin Cities.


To the person on Jan. 1 who stated that “All men are created equal,” the Declaration of Independence goes on to say their Creator has endowed them with these unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does it say they have the right to someone else’s property or goods to make them equal. Obama is practicing wealth redistribution on a large scale by taking from the successful and giving it to the less successful in order to equalize the masses. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness — the right to get a good education, work hard and make something of themselves so they too can be successful. When they do not take advantage of this “right,” they shouldn’t expect others to foot the bill for them. There is certainly a legitimate need for helping the poor, the sick and the retired, but not the lazy and those comfortable with this entitlement society we’ve created.


All the progressive politicians are screaming at the recent NRA proposal to put armed policemen or trained security guards in our schools. Have you been in a bank or store lately where there was an armed off-duty police presence? I was at a jewelry store the other day where an armed guard stood at the door. We are “OK” protecting our goods, our money and our jewels with a gun deterrent but we won’t consider protecting our most precious gifts — our children — in the same manner? How short sighted and dangerous we are. Adam Lanza shot himself dead when confronted by the first policeman to show up on the scene. Had that officer been in the school at the time of the break in, I believe we’d be having many less funerals of our precious children and teachers this week. Ban all guns tomorrow and it would take decades and decades before you’d see the gun population come anywhere close to disappearing.