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March 2, 2013

Sound Off published March 2.


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The politicians, including the president, can’t seem to get things right to get the economy rolling. In other words, make money. The best way for them to learn how to make money is get ahold of some of the drug cartels in Mexico and South America. And maybe they can tell them how to make some real money. Because they sure as heck seem to know how to make money, and lot’s of it!


When I was a kid, International Paper Mill was our casino. In the 1950’s when you turned 18 you got a chance to work at the mill or to work on the lock boats. Eighteen year olds, their dads worked at the paper mill, and they would stand outside in line for an opportunity to unload the lock boats. Had a cafeteria in there, and right out of school we started working. You could go to Joseph’s Lumber, the paper mill and there were all kinds of opportunities. All the guys used to cash their checks and drink in bars. It was fun.

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