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October 24, 2013



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I see your North Tonawanda campaign signs every once in a while. But I have never seen or heard what makes you think you are qualified to hold the office you are seeking. Yes, I mean all of you. None of you have any usable experience in running a city. We certainly don’t need more people who promise and can’t deliver. We had more than a few of those office holders in the past. The current team is able to promise and deliver.


I hope you Obama lovers are happy for voting for Obama. Wait till you see the cost of your medical insurance. Guess what, you go to a hospital and if one of the doctors are not in your network, you’ll be charged for all the services. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Being that the unions are exempt, I will no longer be supporting any unions with my money. So long to you unions and lots of luck with your health coverage.

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