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June 15, 2013

Sound Off published June 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Re: Blockhead: You change the word pinhead to blockhead and opine in a rant that even O’Reilly would find factually ridiculous. You’re a sore loser. Obama Spring is here? So violent rebels are storming the White House led by Obama to take himself out and bring Democracy to the U.S.?  Granted the U.S. is no longer a Democracy due to Republican obstructionism, filibuster, and 60 percent majority, however that minion is Republican led, and leading our country to ruin. Obama has had no laws to sign because of this. As McConnell bragged he would not let Obama succeed, very patriotic of him. Wakeup pinhead it’s all about the rich not paying their taxes and racism.


This message is for the North Tonawanda Democratic Party, which just released its candidates for the City Council of Mayor for this fall. I’d like to let them know that as a former Democrat, currently a Republican (and this is for the republicans too), I’m not going to vote for anybody who was a school teacher, a member of a public union, someone who’s been on the school board or done any of that other kind of public service stuff that’s been connected to government or running the city or running the school or anything else like that. You’re all in as thick as thieves and we know — we absolutely know — you’re not coming to try to do a good job for the city. You’re trying to further your own cause and further your own desk. The extras are too high, the salaries are too high and you’re coming in to make more money for your minions and your friends and your family. And so just to let you know, there are some of us who are smart enough not to vote for you, and I myself will not vote for you if you’re a member of one of these organizations or something familiar. It’s time for the Democrat Party and Republican Party to put an unbiased, independent candidate up for office who have no extra grind or favors to repay and act in the interest of the taxpayers, and by the way that goes for school candidates as well.


Why are these legislators worried about the age that these morning-after pills can be bought? If these kids are buying them, they’re having sex anyway so let them buy the pill. That way we the tax payers will have less money to give them to support their children. What’s wrong with this government? They’re not going to stop having sex because the pill’s not out there. Common sense, huh?


Yes, you had better watch out for motorcycles because Lord knows I don’t know if they’re looking out for you. Twice within the last three days I’ve seen some motorcycles do some pretty unsafe things. For example, car sitting at a traffic light. One day, I had a motorcycle come down the right side of me between the right side of my car and the curb to come up to the traffic light. The other day, I had a motorcycle come down the left side of me as I was sitting in the right lane about five cars back at the traffic light. He thought he had an old motorcycle lane between the two lanes of traffic. Aren’t the motorcycles supposed to stay in the lane and wait for the cars to move? I didn’t know motorcycles had privileges to come up between cars sitting at red lights. And then they wonder why they get hit. Oh well, maybe that’s why. Hmm, interesting.