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June 26, 2013

Sound Off published June 26

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I don’t do drugs, I do facts, not lies like every word you wrote. First, Rep. Issa did not release 6 hours of the interview from the Cinncinati I.R.S. office manager, a conservative Republican, who was your “dog.” He told his office to look into an exemption for charities being given to a group that raised money for politicians. Second, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, was passed on to Obama from Bush who used it first. The FISA court has Congressional oversight. The NSA does not listen to phone calls, it tracks frequency of International calls. NSA cannot target your e-mails or phone calls unless FBI gets a warrant. The right loved this program under Bush, under Obama it’s a scandal.


When it comes to our defense department I don’t feel it should just be up to the president and the secretary of defense that decides how much firepower, ships, missiles or nukes we should have. I don’t feel it should be just them that decide how much we want to protect our families from future attacks.


Boy, that was a real fantastic dud of a speech that Obama gave in Berlin. Evidently, no speech at all. When he was running for president, they had 200,000-plus. This time: 4,500 people. What does that tell you about Obama? Kind of lost his touch with everybody, huh? I wish he’d lose his touch with your Democratic paper.


In the City of Tonawanda, we need councilmen who will move our city forward, not backwards. In the Third Ward, there’s a candidate who cares a lot for the ward and the community. Let’s show him our support and vote for John Hall, or as we know him by Jay Hall, this election year. Good luck, John Hall.