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June 27, 2013

Sound Off published June 27

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — To the person complaining that the concerts aren’t bringing any revenue to downtown North Tonawanda. Well the concert wasn’t over till 11 at least, and then trying to get your car out of that mess over there took you another half hour or 40 minutes, and most people have to go to work, because it was Sunday night, the next day. And there’s nothing in North Tonawanda to do at that hour of the night anyway except go to the bar and drink. Is that what people want? To go to the bar drinking and people acting up?


To the North Tonawanda Code Enforcement: Why has the former Grant school property been allowed to get so overgrown and run-down? Every year, less and less grass is cut, the sidewalks are getting smaller because of the grass encroaching on them, there’s tree limbs down, skunks and rodents, the grass is over two feet now. What a shame it has been neglected this bad. When it was a school, it was very well kept. What happened? Can’t we get this cleaned up?


This immigration bill they’re trying to pass, I think it’s totally ridiculous. These people live better than the American citizen, they’re living on our tax dollar but they hate us over in their country. They don’t want our help but yet we’re helping them. I think it’s totally ridiculous. It’s not fair to the American citizen. Take care of your own people in your own country first before you take care of anybody else.