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March 29, 2013

Sound Off published March 29

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — The sequester has happened and so far not the gloom and doom that our president was campainging around the country saying the sky will fall. In the week since the sequester kicked in the U.S. has sent Syria $60 million and Egypt $250 million. Now I may not be a rocket scientist but I think that money might better be spent in the U.S. Facebook didn’t pay one nickel in taxes even though they made a profit of $1 billion and got a $467 million dollar refund from the IRS. Why is the press not covering this? Oh right, Obama and not George Bush is president.


Do people in this town know what a yield sign is for? Time after time on Division I’m nearly getting crashed out by people not yielding the right of way to cars coming thru to the side of Division. Yield means you are to “give up the right of way” to us drivers coming off the main part of Division. I’m coming through, so just remember if you crash me out you will automatically be at fault in the accident.


I read, with interest, the article about the house in North Tonawanda where 50 cats were found. Members of the city’s code enforcement entered the disheveled house, and the head inspector said it was the worst he’s seen since the 1990s. Yet he, or no one on his staff, ever got any complaints or could see the conditions of the house while they drive around through the city? No one did anything. But try to go to their office for a simple permit to better your own property and you’re put through the ringer before they will give you a permit! They find fault in what you’re doing, whose doing it et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.