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April 3, 2013

Sound Off published April 3


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The Republicans have not bent one bit for the president, not one time! And that Boehner, he is the most despicable Republican that ever there was! These Republicans are not like the old time Republicans that used to be fair and honest. These Republicans are the most disgusting bunch of evil, angry people! I am not a young person, I am an old person and I’ve lived through a lot of these elections. You blame Obama, whom I never voted for, you cannot blame him for everything that idiot Bush did!


I can’t figure it out. In the paper they’ll put somebody’s picture for something as simple as a revoked license, trying to paint them as a really bad person. Yet we have this lady on Roncroff Drive who kept 50 cats in deplorable conditions, we can’t even get a name. The police won’t release that though. I don’t understand the contradiction of who they will put in the paper and who they won’t.

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