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June 21, 2014

Sound Off published June 21

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — In reviewing a list in another newspaper of all of the garden tours in Western New York, it is evident that the only city that doesn’t have a garden tour is North Tonawanda. I cannot believe why our elected officials wouldn’t want to promote something like that. There are a lot of houses with beautiful gardens. It brings people into the area, it gives people a chance to communicate, to see how other people take care of their properties, and yet North Tonawanda chooses other endeavors to waste their time on.


Do we really want to give National Grid tax credits for a building that has been vacant and is nothing but an eyesore on Ransom and Fassett streets with its back to Robinson and Division streets? Somebody in this town wants to give National Grid a historical category for this building. Take a look at this building. Does it look like something that tourists will come and see? Do we really want to give tax relief to National Grid? Take a look at your electric bill, and you’ll find the answer.


I was reading in your Sound Off that someone made a comment about the potholes on Linwood Avenue and how Mr. Rizzo is going to do the street, and told the people that it was the first street on the list. Well, last fall Mr. Rizzo said the same thing about our street. So I wonder which street is the first street? Our street has not been done and neither has Linwood, so I wonder which street is the first street? Our street has not been done, and neither has Linwood, so apparently neither street has been the first on the list, so thank you Mr. Rizzo.