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June 26, 2014

Sound Off published June 26

Tonawanda News — I would like to let the person who has been bashing Alderman Eric Zadzilka you need to get your facts straight before you voice your opinion in Sound Off. Eric has done a lot of good for this city. He’s a standup guy who fights for whatever is best for the City of North Tonawanda. He ain’t a guy like Russ Rizzo, who every time you turn around he’s there for the picture being taken of something new or driving around all day cause he’s retired and has nothing better to do. When you have questions about projects going on in the city, get the facts straight. The good guys are always ignored and the bad guys are made to look great.


Regarding the Saturday Sound Off comment about National Grid getting tax breaks for the “historical” building on Robinson Street. If the caller had known the truth they may have placed blame where it belongs; on the city and not National Grid. About 10 years ago, NG wanted to tear down that building because it was old, broken and served no purpose. It was NT city government that stepped in and persuaded them to keep it because of its alleged historical significance. They cleaned it up a bit and used it for vehicle storage but back then it didn’t even have electricity running throughout it. Blame the city for this eyesore still being there, not National Grid.

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