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July 18, 2013

Sound Off published July 18


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The City of North Tonawanda is starting to look like a big billboard with signs everywhere. We had visitors from other states and they all commented about all the eye pollution throughout the city. I know we need blood but do we need 5 signs in groups everywhere in the city? Niagara County groups are now putting up signs everywhere. Garage sale signs stay up well past the dates listed. I always thought that the land between the street and the sidewalks belongs to the city and it was illegal to post signs on public property. I believe that the city fathers should pass some sort of ordinance and address this form of eye pollution. This would force them to pay for ads that would help the local news.


I attended the T-NT alumni game and it was very entertaining and hard-fought between the two teams. It was great to see some of the stars from yesteryear like the Day brothers and Joe Kusmierski get back on the field with some of the most recent stars like Tom Sell and “X-Factor” Nelson.  

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