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May 24, 2013

Sound Off published May 24

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Reading somebody’s article on the Marines and the water and the wells being contaminated, well maybe the government ought to have second thoughts about doing a better job protecting our Great Lakes since they’re the largest bodies of fresh water in this country, maybe they should do a better job of what they’re letting come into the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River — all these ships from overseas — because what happens if they contaminate all the Great Lakes? Think about it.


I just find it very interesting that what we need in the City of Tonawanda is business. Isn’t it strange that North Tonawanda gets Jake’s and all these restaurants, Remington. All the entrepreneurs are going there but none in the City of Tonawanda. Why? Do any of these politicians ask themselves why? Number two, now they’re going to take another building and make it into a low-income? Well, we are going to become a ghetto if you keep it up. So come on Mayor Pilozzi, wake up and smell the coffee. And all you people in the City of Tonawanda, wake up. This is a nice area. Let’s bring big business in here. Whatever we can do — small business.


After reading your article about the rabbit hole, I’m extremely sorry to hear about the 18-year-old Michael Israel. That would have been completely unnecessary had he been introduced to the drug suboxone. Why in an article of this size do you not mention this drug? This drug is a miracle drug that is given to heroin addicts or people who are on any form of opiates. Please, learn about it and write an article about it.


The president wants to show he cares what goes on in this country. He ought to bring in the military to help clean up the mess in Oklahoma, the explosion in Texas. We have an army corps and plenty of equipment, they can clean it up fast and get it repaired to rebuild, but he’ll just sit there and talk like he usually does. Talk, talk, talk. Why doesn’t he do some walking?