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May 30, 2013

Sound Off published May 30

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — When are they going to make up their minds what they’re going to do. They want to remodel Gitmo and now they want to close Gitmo. It’s costing us over $150 million a year to keep them jerks in prison. The bridge in Washington just collapsed, how many people got hurt or killed? I don’t know yet, I’ll hear it on the news. All the money they’re spending on Gitmo could fix a lot of bridges in this country, and now what about the lawsuits they’re going to have in that state for that bridge falling down? The state’s going to be held responsible for that because their highway department ain’t maintaining the bridges because they don’t have any money. So why don’t they have any money? Because we’re too busy spending it in other countries, that’s why.


The reason there is a parking lot across the street from the post office is because it used to be the old post office there, and the City of Tonawanda wouldn’t let any business that wanted to come in to buy the building and relocate there. They had so many rules and regulations that nobody wanted to come into the City of Tonawanda. So what happened is that they tear the building down and make it a parking lot. So, therefore, there’s no taxes or revenue coming into the city. So that is what they’re trying to do again, and they will just keep doing it over and over. 


I’m wondering why the City of Tonawanda even had a Memorial Day Parade. There was no reason to have a parade because the entire parade lasted only four minutes or less. They had three fire trucks in the parade in one group with people marching. For less than four minutes of parade time, they posted signs from one end of Main Street all the way to the other and no parking after noon. They had police officers, cops at every corner and police vehicles at every corner for a parade that lasted less then four minutes? What was the reason for this parade? No wonder why nobody goes to these parades, the only parade anyone goes to is the Canal Fest Parade. I think the City of Tonawanda should get their priorities straight. And also, I’m wondering why they’re having a re-dedication party for that gazebo at Clinton Park. Is this to praise the mayor? 


I know the city thinks it’s nice to have trees in front of our houses, but whoever thought it was a bright idea to put maple trees in the front of our houses is (a fool). The little seedling helicopters plug up all the sewers. I had to go out to clean those things up on both sides of the street because the street was flooded up to peoples aprons, and no one is coming around to clean it. We pay for water and sewer and no one is coming around to clean it and those things plug up the main sewer line, but no one comes around to clean it.