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April 21, 2013

Sound Off published April 21

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — In Wednesday’s paper your figures about Obama and Bush are a little off aren’t they? The way I see it, try $3 trillion, maybe, for Bush. Maybe even $1 trillion. The rest of those trillions are Obama’s. Like $12 or $13 trillion, all Obama’s. It’s all his fault and he washed his hands with it. He has put more debt on the deficit that Bush had in eight years, with no sweat.


Very good comment in the paper about people yielding to the emergency vehicles. One of the problems is that they build the cars the way they do nowadays, so heavily insulated. And they put the systems in them. It is difficult for the cars to pull up, especially when they play their sound so loud. The other problem, is the operators of the emergency vehicles should learn to properly operate their vehicle. True, you are going to a rescue. You are going to a saving incident. But that vehicle is not made to operate like Car 10. And that is why you guys are dropping pistons. Maybe it’s time you up step it to another chasse to carry that equipment. Or maybe with the size of the city, step it down.


Well I’m agreeing with that person that wrote in about Gov. Cuomo and giving the rich people another $350. How foolish! There are people that really need it. Why do we constantly make the rich, richer? It’s so wrong but over and over you’re giving the money to the wrong people.


It is just disgusting that Corasanti’s cronies on that jury found him not liable for that girl’s death. According to that jury he was acquitted of manslaughter, leaving the scene, evidence tampering. He was guilty of all three charges. Don’t those people in Amherst have any conscience whatsoever?