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April 24, 2013

Sound Off published April 24


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The Erie County Sheriff is right in not upholding what Cuomo wants to do with the gun issue. You realize now what Mr. Obama wants? He wants all the guns gone, so he can take over. All these little gun battles are leading up until he finally gets a thing in there to where he can have guns. And then they are gonna take away all your guns. Then what do you do when you don’t have no guns to fight the armies that are taking over the public? Then you’re really screwed aren’t ya? All because you listened to the Democrats. Stand up for your rights.


I’d like to know why the North Tonawanda police aren’t doing anything. Right across the street from the police station, there are drug deals going on constantly. And it’s basically on the police station’s front porch. I’d really like something done with that to make this neighborhood a safer place to be.

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