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June 20, 2013

Sound Off published June 20

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I was wondering if you’re all married to teachers from North Tonawanda. Our school finished 92 out of 135, we have the highest paid teachers, the highest taxes and yet we are finishing 92 out of 135. The City of Tonwanda: 63 out of 135. Now, either you’re all married to teachers or you don’t care at all about listing this in the news and talking about it and interviewing people about why North Tonawanda spends all this money on teachers and improvements to the high school yet it’s 92 out of 135, worst than last year.


Well now that the casinos are giving all these millions of dollars to these communities, well the politicians have to be so happy cause that’s more money for them to pocket and get raises. You know that’s not going to help the communities at all. It’s all for themselves.


I’m calling regarding the new parking lot that was just installed by the city at Sweeney Street and Payne Avenue next to Michael’s Landing. The work began being dug up on Monday, June 10 where they dug up the grass and the sidewalk area so a blacktop parking lot could be installed for Michael’s Landing. The blacktop was installed on Wednesday the 12th. That was the quickest job I’ve ever seen the city do. And now the parking area’s all lined and chained off so it’s private parking for Michael’s Landing. I don’t understand why Mr. Wachowicz is privileged enough to have his own private parking area installed by the city on city property.