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June 23, 2013

Sound Off published June 23

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — So I hear that the police are down there ticketing people parking on the grass that are over at that building where they’re having their parties down there that the mayor built. They’re actually ticketing people that are there for parties. I think it’s shameful. Are the cops that desperate to give tickets out? Because that’s all they ever do is give tickets. To go down there and do that? I think it’s despicable.


NT at its worst. My neighbor with his young son started shooting seagulls flying by my house with what looked like a rifle. I told him not to shoot that gun at my house, so he proceeded to aim the gun at me and said, ‘Do you want me to shoot you?’ The police had me on the phone, and after two officers talked to me and then the neighbors, they said it was an airsoft gun. He put it away so everything would be fine. I was furious to know a young boy and his friends came out and lied, and the police did nothing. … So I guess when I get mad I can aim my gun at people and I can even shoot them because I learned that that is OK to do. Shame on all of you involved, including the two NT officers. This very well could be the next kid shooting up our schools. By the way, this happened Sunday the 16th. I was told by the officers that the lieutenant would call me; I’m still waiting for that call, and I know that BB’s take out eyes, they leave people paralyzed and, yes, they even kill.


The immigration stuff, they want us to put up more fences, but their just going to climb over it. It’s not going to stop that. Hiring another 40,000 employees for the government with government pensions that are costing us taxpayers money. Why don’t they just use reservists or just use excess military that they have at all these other bases guarding and standing in foreign countries. Why can’t we just use our military? Mexico uses theirs. It should be ex-military because their are no jobs out there and I can’t see them working for Walmart. They should become security on our borders.