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April 25, 2014

Sound Off published April 25

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Nash Road between Ruie and the city line is undriveable. Yes, a main road to enter the city and this is what we show the public. Enough of the lip service about “we’re putting together our list of streets (to be approved by the mayor) to get them on the list for paving.” This is a necessity, not a political pat on the back decision. It shouldn’t go on “the list.” It needs to be done now. When are all of these magical paving projects scheduled to start? June, July, August...fall? This city needs to look at things that need to be done immediately and treat them as such. I can’t wait until Ortt’s ceremonial first drive down Meadow Drive, another street that we can’t afford to maintain or just don’t care to maintain. 


I had the good fortunate of having the NT Department of Public Works pick up some branches I left out on the terrace area. I was able to haul them to the front yard without trouble.  Well, when the DPW workers came by, they saw fit to use a scoop that was not needed to pick up the branches and in the process dug up my yard. I don’t know if it is department policy, incompetence, laziness, or plain stupidity, but bend your behinds down and pick the small branches up, throw it in the truck, and stop destroying people’s property!  


After reading numerous “Sound Offs” on the Little League Drive situation and the latest about former Mayor Ron Pilozzi still wanting to push forward with this development, we should look at this. This situation went from bad to worse when he was the mayor. What once started as an idea, went out for RFP (everyone knew who would get it once it was announced who responded....regardless). Then the “condo status” drama. What the former mayor doesn’t realize is this....he is no longer the mayor. Don’t know too much about Mr. Zeisz and his deal(s) here, but it’s getting time for him to go too. His pompous and arrogant attitude are getting too much for people to handle and they get frustrated when trying to communicate with the council at a meeting. We now have a mayor, one who will listen and do the job, a communicating council and things are starting to get done around here. Remember, correcting this mess will take longer than four months.  


Would someone explain why it is legal to own assault guns? I thought murder was against the law and yet these guns are designed specifically to kill people. Not for hunting or any other purpose, killing people. The stupid supporters and proponents of owning assault guns must realize that murders are being committed in schools, malls, theaters and other public places where it should be safe. It must be totally for money that they are for it. Greed. I hate to think that someday maybe it will be one of their children or grandchildren who are terrorized or killed in a senseless shooting.