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April 26, 2014

Sound Off published April 26

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Now that there has been a child injured at this intersection, how many more near misses will it take before a four-way stop sign goes in? Drivers do not stop at the stop signs and many times vehicles driving on Gilmore are almost hit, because no one stops at the stop signs on 16th Avenue. Why do I know this? Because I live there, and have seen many near misses. Now a child has been injured. Does someone have to die before they consider additional stop signs?


To the person who included East Robinson Street when mentioning how slower traffic must keep right: In case you didn’t know, East Robinson Street is actually a two-lane road (one in each direction). It is technically illegal to pass on the left or right. If it were a four-lane road, then there would be lane dividers. Instead, the extra wide road is meant for parked cars, which is why it would be dangerous for anyone to treat it as a four-lane road when a parked car can pop up on you in an instant if you’re not paying attention.


There was a Sound Off in 4/24 paper after referring to a caller’s inquiry in the city mayor. The caller says, “the days of city and residents first are over.” Excuse me. If that’s Mayor Davis’ mentality then he needs to resign. Take a look in the city. We’re losing people and businesses. His priority needs to be the people and the city. But you are right, that’s not the priority.