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May 1, 2014

Sound Off published May 1

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — To the protector of the mismanaged DPW workers, if the worker can’t “use” the equipment properly to pick up branches, then they shouldn’t be working the job. If using the equipment destroys property don’t use it!


Seems like the few Pilozzi supporters are waking up from under their rock to attack Mayor Davis. Last I checked didn’t Mayor Davis hand Pilozzi his backside in the last election? I’m sure Mayor Davis has had his hands full cleaning up the mess from the last eight years of mismanagement to focus on anything he would like to do. Mayor Davis has also, in four months, stood up for residents dealing with the landfill and Tonawanda Coke more than Pilozzi did in his eight years. He also nixed the red light cameras that Pilozzi tried to get the contract for his buddy Joel Giambra.


For Earth Week, your businessman columnist bemoaned property rights being infringed on by the Clean Water Act. What an inconvenience! Clean water is like motherhood and apple pie. What one property owner does on their property can easily pollute the water resources elsewhere. Can we look forward to a column next Earth Week from Tonawanda Coke employees complaining about the Clean Air Act?