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May 30, 2014

Sound Off published May 30

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — How is it that some people in this city (North Tonawanda) love their homes and take care of them like a homeowner should, and then there are others that don’t care. I thought that you should take pride on the property you own, not so much on Stenzil Street in this city. You don’t even have to cut your grass, and no city officer will tell you otherwise. This is not right. Let’s clean up the city.


To the person who left the unsigned note on my door about leaving my dogs outside all day barking. I’m not sure whose dogs you’re hearing bark during the day but we all work or go to school, so it’s not mine. In the future if there is a problem, please just knock on my door so we can discuss this like adults and be good neighbors like you so kindly asked me to be.



Is there a list of roads to be paved this year in North Tonawanda?  Anyone know where I can find this list?