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November 28, 2012

Sound Off published Nov. 28


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I’m one of those people who would definitely want to know if my neighbors are dealing in coke, opiate pills or had a DWI. I was in a great neighborhood, but someone hit my car and the driver ran down to his street and goes in his house. When the police went to investigate and he had a DWI. He went to court and come to find out it was his eighth DWI. He no longer lives in this neighborhood. Maybe he’s living on your street now.


As we prepare for winter, and I hope the plows in the City of Tonawanda learn how to not only plow the street without wrecking cars, but when they lay the salt not direct them at the hoods and roofs of cars. This winter if they hit my car, every dent and nick on my car is going to be paid for by the city. I want to be compensated for the stuff these smart-alecky plow driver do.

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