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October 8, 2012

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Tonawanda News — CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TONAWANDA NEWS! On the “Our View” opinion of Oct. 4 you folks hit it on the head. Lt. Governor Duffy was posturing in giving an olive branch to Maziarz and Cerretto even though they were obstructionists in the culinary project in Niagara Falls. As they both do, as long as Dyster, a Democrat is the mayor, they will not do anything to assist in helping that city. It is the same MO George followed when Soos was the mayor in NT. Now that a Ortt a Republican is in charge of NT, George is falling over himself to help out! The only reason they finally got behind the project in Niagara Falls is that it was the best and most logical place to put it. I also think that Smokin Joe Anderson, a big Republican contributor, is going to benefit in some way and he convinced them to support it. Also, if you care to do some digging, Klyczek was the catalyst, but in order to get George’s support he had to make some deals for jobs at the college for George’s buddies.


So, they want to build $200,000 dollar homes in the City of Tonawanda? Has our City Council and mayor walked down Main Street lately? How about Fletcher, Broad and Adam streets? The city is a dump. Sidewalks and curbs are crumbling, houses are dilapidated or abandoned and Main Street always seems to have garbage all over the street . How about fixing up the city first and bringing in new businesses like our neighbors did over in North Tonawanda? With the Remington Rand building and a renewed Main street, people are more likely to spend their tax dollars across the canal. Niawanda Park and being close to schools isn’t enough to attract the homebuyers they’re looking for.