Tonawanda News

December 20, 2012

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The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Another tragedy has happened and so many people will start to blame a thing instead of the responsibility that belongs on the person who caused this problem. The gun is not the problem. Mental health issues are the problem. Why a woman would own an assault rifle is unknown to us. Maybe to protect herself from her son who ended up murdering her. There’s no answer to the why. The reason these killings happen is not because of a gun. It’s a mental health issue. This young man, this murderer, had problems earlier, many issues coming out now. We need to take care of these people. If they are a danger to themselves or others, get them help. There is help out there.


People are always trying to find out why when there’s a senseless killing. The reporters ask why did this happen. There is no why. The person who has a mental illness doesn’t see things correctly. His interpretation, judgment is incorrect. It’s a mental health problem. Mental illness means they don’t see things as other do. They perceive themselves as being picked on. Please, get people help.


Seniors, don’t do you banking at Key. They’re totally insensitive to the needs of seniors. When you address these needs there’s little or no response. They’re very nasty.