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April 19, 2013

Sound Off published April 19

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I read in the paper where somebody called you people and said Mayor Pilozzi is a good mayor and he’s for the working man. Well I disagree.


I can’t believe how dumb a lot of people you are, especially about the illegal aliens. They came here and they haven’t gone through the legal system. President Clinton set up the whole procedure so they could come to this country, including illegal voters. They don’t even have the right and I bet they are all voting, for you know what party. Anybody can win when they’re not legal. That’s what one party will do to lock in the votes. They promise them and give them everything. Wise up. Most of us don’t care, but you’re stupid and you’re ruining it for your children’s future.


I was just returning home from my granddaughter’s home, coming up Meadow Drive from the high school, when there was a limb, a large tree limb in the street which I could not avoid. It got stuck under my car and two nice gentlemen assisted me. They helped to get that limb, which was lodged under my car, out for me. They had to get a saw, they had to jack it up, it took a lot of time, and it was raining. I didn’t get their names and i wanted to publicly thank them. There is a lot of negative stuff going on, a lot of it in Sound Off, and I just wanted to let people know there are stil a lot of wonderful and thoughtful people left in this world.


To residents of the City of Tonawanda, would everybody please get out and vote this year! Let’s get some of those clowns off the city council so that we can get some production going on. And so that Main Street will get cleaned up and look like a main street instead of a dump!