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September 5, 2013

Sound Off published Sept. 5


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Bob Confer is talking about solar and wind power. For one thing, solar power is great if you can afford to have it installed because it takes a long time to recoup your investment. It would be one thing if the power company would install it and take the money out of your bill for installing it. And for the low cost power for fracking, what they don’t mention is the Benzene that gets put in the air from the drills, besides the chemicals that leak out from the wells. Why do you have to drill when you know it’s there? Get it when you need it.


Dear Mayor Ortt, the Thunder on the Niagara was awesome, however we need to clean the weeds and clean up the part better. There were so many weeds near the water it was hard to see the boats. Can you mow it better and clean it up better? Also, the benches are all broken. Please add more benches and fix and paint the ones that are there. Do that and it will be a great event for North Tonawanda.

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