Tonawanda News

May 15, 2013

Sound Off published May 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Reading your article about fracking in New York, we supposedly have all this excess natural gas that’s supposed to help us. They promise cheaper gas rates, who’s going to benefit? The companies who start shipping it everywhere else. Our bills will probably go up but the only people who will benefit are the fat cats and CEOs who will make millions. We poor slobs never benefit. That’s the problem.


I read in the Tonawanda News that a 4-year-old kid in Kentucky got a gun as a gift and shot his 2-year-old sister. If those kids in Kentucky are so much smarter than kids in the northern states why wasn’t the kid smart enough to check to see if there was a bullet in the gun. The obvious answer? Because he was a child. Maybe we should blame the National Rifle Association who markets guns to children. It wasn’t the child’s fault. It was the adults. They need to be educated in life.


In light of the bad state of this country it’s time to close the doors to immigration. Also, stop churches from sponsoring immigrants and driving them to the department of social services. The local university has 60 percent foreign students. It’s time the American citizens became No. 1 in this country not being driven by immigrants. When all Americans have a job and can have affordable health insurance we will be in a better state. My family were immigrants who worked hard to get citizenship. They had to have a sponsor to come to this country and a job waiting for them. It’s time we started reforming our immigration status but for now close the door to immigration.