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August 23, 2013

Sound Off published Aug. 23

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Last Saturday, Aug. 17, at the farmer’s market, there was an orange and black ugly truck selling sliders or something. It did not fit in with the rest of the look of the farmers there. Could you please do something about it? It looks terrible, that truck.


Instead of Obama and Congress worrying about the country getting fat, look at some of them guys and women. What do you call them? Skinny. And they’re worried about the gays and lesbians getting married? They should be worried about people having jobs and the economy.They should be worried about getting people on unemployment a job because when the benefits run out they go on welfare. Obama and legislators, do your jobs.


Barbara Tucker doesn’t know anything. The only thing she puts in her column is what we read in the paper all week. Everything in her column is about what happened between Tuesday and Friday, which we already know.


First of all, best of luck to Magpies! The city should be full of places like this! Second, why should the food trucks be restricted to certain areas and away from “brick and mortar” businesses? Whatever happened to competition? If the current restaurants on Niagara Street need more business, maybe they should consider lowering their prices.