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August 28, 2013

Sound Off published Aug. 28

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — To all the residents of the City of Tonawanda, in the second ward. In September the Democratic party will have a primary election for the common council. One of the candidates is Jackie Smilinich, and we all know her husband Dennis Smilinich. I just want everyone to understand a vote for Jackie is really a vote for Dennis. If you vote for Jackie, Dennis will walk around City Hall like he is the mayor. So if you vote for Jackie you are really voting for Dennis, they come as a pair.


To the veteran who was upset with the person regarding Benghazi. First and foremost I would like to sincerely thank him as well as his child for their service. As for his outrage about Benghazi, yes there are legitimate questions that should be asked. I am curious however to find out what he thinks about the Iraq war? We should all be upset that people died in Benghazi, but what about the thousands of our military men and women who died or were wounded in Iraq? Bush and Cheney flat out lied about the weapons of mass destruction. They lied about everything that led up to their war of choice. I hope that the veteran who is so upset about Benghazi is just as outraged about Iraq. When we were attacked on 9/11, the country came together with the president. Our embassy is attacked and everyone just blames the president.


To the person with the obsessive hatred for Obama and Hilary. For crying out loud, would you please take a break or at least bash someone else for a change? Learn a few new names and rant about them for awhile. To the North Tonawanda police, for the love of God would you please find out why a certain person can’t get an answer when he dials your number? This person obviously has a life threatening emergency that’s been lasting for several weeks now! If you don’t answer your phone soon, there’s no telling what may become of him!


To the person to talked about judging homosexuality using the Bible. It appears you did not know that the Bible was written over a period of 1,500 years, by 40 different human authors, from various backgrounds, who wrote in different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek), upon three different continents, in different circumstances, upon different subjects, and in different literary forms. These authors, for the most part, did not know each other. With all these contrasts one would expect something chaotic and disjointed when their writings were assembled into one book. One of the remarkable features of the Bible is its magnificent continuity. This is because God Himself is the source of the Bible. Archeology is constantly proving the truth of the Bible. How many scientists and science textbooks have that much agreement?