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November 22, 2013

Sound Off published Nov. 22

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I would like to know whose stupid idea it was to put mailboxes in the parking lot at North Tonawanda Redevelopment Housing Authority. That’s like you putting a mailbox at the corner and expecting your mother to walk to the corner to mail a letter or get your mail. I think they are making a big mistake. They are not considering older people having to go out there to get their mail. Sometimes I am lucky if I can go to the front door to get it, let alone out into the parking lot. Then there will be snow coming. It’s going to be very inconvenient. 


Who are these people that pay those outrageous prices that Tops asks? Like $5 for a jar of Miracle Whip and so on. Don’t they know there are a lot of grocery discount stores around now. I have bought so many vegetables and fruits at Aldi and the stuff at Aldi has never been recalled. But the stuff at Tops and Wegmans is always being recalled. Think about it the next time you go grocery shopping. You need to save money. It’s outrageous at Tops and also those other big stores. Check the prices, compare.


I never again want to hear liberals say the United States has more people in prison than other countries do. Iran alone has executed 160 people in the last two years. And crimes in Iran include things that are not even violations in America. Speaking out on topics of religion, crimes of a sexual nature, marriage rules, adultery, homosexuality. The Iranian president, in New York City a couple years ago, said there are no homosexuals in Iran. Think about that.


The person or groups of people that keep calling into Sound Off to complain and criticize the administration of North Tonawanda is getting to be, in the vernacular of the younger people, lame ... very lame. This group of people who will call themselves Democrats have nothing but criticism and put downs to say about the people who are in office who are called Republicans. This little handful of people seem to think that everybody that doesn’t walk with them, talk with them and think in their little narrow-minded ways are evil. Well, you tried it. You tried to run your people for positions from our gracious Sen. Maziarz all the way down the line to NT posts. But guess what? We didn’t like it. We have some people in positions in North Tonawanda doing things that I haven’t seen in my 70 years. We have people here now who love this city. We have a city you can walk through. You don’t have to worry about walking around at night. This small minded, small handful of people did nothing but complain with empty facts.