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July 3, 2013

Sound Off published July 3

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I had to laugh at NT’s proposal of offering $1,000 a year for 10 years for anybody who converts a mansion on Christiana or Goundry to a single-family home. First of all, it would take an enormous amount of money to convert those homes back into a single-family home. Just the taxes on those mansions are astronomical, not to mention what it would take to heat them. The only people that could afford to live there would be the people who live in the Spaulding Lakes community in Clarence surrounded by all their millionaire neighbors. There’s no way people with that kind of money are going to live next to welfare people in mansion apartments. This proposal is a pipe dream.


Yes, it’s true that the City of Tonawanda has nothing going on for it. Once in a great while they have something in the news because your mayor doesn’t want anything going on in this city. They want this to be a perfect little quiet town, well that’s not a fun town that is a boring place to live. Maybe he forgets when his children were young that they loved doing all this stuff in the City of Tonawanda, going to all these things, all the music and everything else. Now there is nothing, we need to go to NT to have fun, it’s not because we’re a smaller city like Barbara Tucker said. It’s because the mayor wants nothing in this town at all. Don’t forget that when it’s time for election, he has sucked everything away from the people in the City of Tonawanda.


I’m tired of hearing people say that the casinos always take away from the neighborhood and the businesses around it and so on and so forth. I believe that without the casino in Niagara Falls, nobody would even go there. I’ve lived in the Falls for so many years and there’s nothing there, there’s no stores, there’s no shopping, there’s no fun places there. It’s dirty, scummy, roads are bad and so on. I think the casino has taken nothing away, if anything it enhances the city because it’s the only decent-looking place in the whole city — unless you’re right in the falls. And I find that most people are going over the bridge, that’s why your bridge is so tied up, to go into Canada because that’s where everything is — in Canada. But the casino has taken nothing away, if anything it’s brought people from the area to the Falls, to the casino. And there was no stores and shops and all that stuff that they were taking away from, no restaurants, there’s nothing good in the Falls. So what’re they complaining about?


Don’t forget, God is against same-sex marriage. And if you think people nowadays are going to win, you’re absolutely wrong. The Bible says God is against same-sex marriage. And if you think you have a victory today, you have, but in the long-run you’re going to lose.