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November 28, 2013

Sound Off published Nov. 28

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I am one who sounds off from time to time. I am not a Democrat. I am a resident and a voter. In my daily life in NT, I am surrounded by residents and taxpayers who are not happy with the totalitarian one-party rule. My daily life is not spent in City Hall.  We all observed how the party now in absolute control worked very hard to prevent our former Democratic Mayor from gaining approval to complete projects they now take credit for.  I am older than the 70 year old who recently praised the current accomplishments and said that we now have people here who love this city.  We have had people living here for 150 years or more who loved this city. The former Mayor dearly loved the city and all of the people in it, not just those from his party.  He also listened to all of us.  No, sir or madam, we do not have a city today where you don’t have to worry about walking around at night. You obviously haven’t been on Webster Street with all the patrons after they leave the bars and surely not in the parts of Oliver occupied by tenants of slumlords.  Far too many of the residents and taxpayers who don’t bother to vote do not do so nor do they individually speak up because they fear retaliation by the followers of your gracious Senator.