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November 20, 2013

Sound Off published Nov. 20

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Well it’s that time again. I won’t be attending the council meetings. I can’t stand listening to First Ward Chuck Gilbert. He only cares about himself and his family. Word on the street is he is seeking higher office. Someone should tell him he lost 50 percent of his races. Any chance we can vote again? 


We are just months away from another possible shutdown and a default.  However, there is a solution which should be agreeable to both sides of the debt ceiling battle, particularly the underlying impasse over Obamacare  (part of which may have been postponed for a year at best--and only if the insurance companies themselves decide to renew cancelled policies.)   This solution can be found  Please sign the petition, and ask your family and friends to sign it, too.  It is addressed to President Obama and Speaker Boehner.  You can personalize it by mentioning what I neglected to say—that the US government can take half of the increased profits and distribute a quarter to the experts, thus leaving the US government with a quarter.  


How many more patches, fixes, and excuses will be given before the Obamacare boat sinks? The health care website was built by a company from Montreal, Quebec. Ontario health-care lost patience with the company after three years of fixes to its  $46.2 million contract to develop a diabetes medical registry. How many of our legislators knew what was in the 10,535 pages of the law and its regulations?