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December 12, 2013

Sound Off published Dec. 12

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Finally, after many failed attempts, Smoke on the Water has made that little parcel of land productive. The city steps in and tries to help one of its businesses whose having a problem. Where’s the Christmas spirit, the compassion, the good will towards all men. However, I do agree a fair appraisal should be made of the property. Money should be paid to the city thus being fair to taxpayers. I also haven’t noticed where it has disrupted the traffic whatsoever. I wish some people would stop being such a scrooge this time of the year.


It would be nice if the Mayor would get Niawanda Park cleaned up for the summer. Instead of letting it go like they did last summer. We need new park benches, tables are old and disgusting and new grass. Just clean up, it was such a mess last summer. This needs to be done in April as soon as the weather breaks. Make it more enjoyable for all the people. Get some nice fresh grass instead of the weeds. 


Watching the news, seeing all these accidents on the roads, in the air, trains. The biggest problem in this country, how smart you have to be to figure this out. He said he fell asleep at the wheel and the train went off the track. Well if we were paid a living wage in this country and the cost of living wasn’t so high or taxes weren’t so high to support other countries, people wouldn’t be falling asleep at the wheel cause they wouldn’t have to work two jobs to pay their bills to live at home and eat three meals a day.