Tonawanda News

April 17, 2013

Sound Off published April 17

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — For the millionth time, all you people who drive on Division Street, you are the ones who are supposed to yield to people coming off Twin Cities Memorial Highway. Not the other way around. Get the story straight. And Tonawanda News, why don’t you print another big story about it?


This is for the water department. You gave us a couple months of water that doesn’t stink and have too much chlorine or bleach in it. Fix it please. I’m tired of paying for something that smells.


I was walking my little dog the other day and a large pitbull type dog got off his leash and attacked my little dog. Luckily I grabbed a stick and beat him off. I think it should be unlawful to breed those type of dogs. They can be nice and loving. All dogs can be loving. But the bigger the dog, the more damage they can do. It’s not wise to have any dog so large they can do harm.


How about this? The bishop living a house everybody was complaining is too big. They bought it when it was worth much less. It doesn’t matter. How about when all the legislators take a pay cut and refuse their raises then we’ll worry about where the bishop lives. When every politician in Washington, including the president and first lady, cut back on spending and stops taking vacations and every politicians on one side or the other takes a pay cut, then we’ll worry about where the bishops are living. Leave the Catholics alone.