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January 15, 2014

Sound Off published Jan. 15

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Could I please ask the mayor to fix the sewer problem on Rumbold Avenue between Zimmerman and Jefferson that has plagued residents for the last 20 years. When our sanitary sewer reaches its maximum level from rain and thaw (like it did again before this Christmas), our sanitary service is shut off with drain tile water having no where to go. And if you don’t have a check valve on your sanitary sewer, you get sewer waste along with your drain tile water in your basement. This problem is beyond a flooded basement problem, it is a health problem that someone needs to correct. What State Department should step up and direct North Tonawanda to fix it permanently? Today, as I start getting my tax documents together, I wonder what I get for my $1,200 in city taxes. Mayor Ortt, please put my taxes toward fixing this sewer problem! And one final comment, the pumping they do at the intersection, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t!


Well - the New Year started off great for the City of Tonawanda. Our fair city’s constituents finally had enough and it showed with the resounding election results. Now - let’s concentrate on correcting their joke. Smoke on the Water being just one of many. In opening a business - the biggest part of the plan is location. This location has been the site of many failures due to parking. So, common council members who frequented the restaurant went above and beyond. They decided that the 100 spaces behind Walgreen’s was not enough and why should they walk to their favorite spot. They stepped back and said, “We have the infinite power to change the flow of traffic.”  I would strongly suggest we look at the fact that it has become employee parking.