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January 24, 2014

Sound Off published Jan. 24


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Whoever those city workers were that patched up Delaware Road, they ought to be fired. First, they had the whole road blocked off for like three or four months and nobody could drive down there. Instead of opening one lane like most construction workers do. And then they patched it and it’s so undriveable it’s not even funny. Obviously they don’t know how to do their work right. They should be fired. I can’t believe the people who live around there haven’t complained about it or maybe they have.


Barbara Tucker printed a column about the havoc these red light cameras cause at intersections. So if I put the council or the individuals who voted for these cameras on notice with this information about the studies’ information and I’m hurt or someone in my family is hurt in an accident, are they personally responsible? I find that these studies speak for themselves. I’m gonna call the mayor and the council and express my concerns. If need be, I’m going to seek professional, legal advice. Can the Tonawanda News print the names of the people who voted for this action? Thank you Tonawanda News and Barbara Tucker.

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