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January 25, 2014

Sound Off published Jan. 25

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — I hope the new mayor and the council take into consideration that 95 percent of the people do not want them houses up there on Little League Drive for them people to get 35 percent off on their taxes. If they give them 35 percent off, they should give everybody 35 percent off. Everybody should pay the same amount in taxes, 100 percent. Most of the people will agree with that. It should be brought up for a referendum and the people should vote on it.


The city of North Tonawanda this year for winter has done a good job, not like other years where it would take them forever to get out and plow and salt the roads. But I have another complaint about the roads. You did Payne Avenue, you paved a section but the rest of the street you left undone. Which needs to be repaired this year cause it’s full of potholes and it looks like the road is gonna cave in in some areas. Also, Oliver Street needs to be done. Oliver Street is the pits. You could lose your car going down Oliver Street from the avenues up to Sweeney Street.


Continuing comment on Barbara Tucker’s sometimes foolish written words. If you’re not afraid to go into the police department to ask for a police escort to the “feared Catholic church” you would be able to receive a free calendar. Or if you went into a Protestant church and asked them to direct you to a Catholic church, I’m sure you could receive a free calendar as well.