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September 27, 2012

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Tonawanda News — I don’t understand why Tonawanda Board of Education needs a committee to find a replacement for the superintendents job when they have the perfect person to replace him with — the obvious choice is Dr. Newton.  He is the best thing the Tonawanda City Schools have. Students, teachers and parents all respect and love him and it shows that he feels the same in everything he does for the students, teachers and the schools. The board needs to get their act together and hire Dr. Newton for the superintendents job, they are not going to find anybody more perfect for our children and schools. So forget about looking for a committee to try and find someone and just do what is best for our children before some other school district takes him from us.


Let’s settle this Vietnam War Veteran issue: You cannot be 55 years old and be a Vietnam War Veteran. You may have enlisted at the end of the war, but you were not in the war, thus not a Vietnam War Veteran, but from theVietnam War era, barely. The Vietnam War troops started coming home in 1969, with most home by 1972 and ALL the troops home early 1973. So, you would have to be at least 60-65 to be a Vietnam War Veteran. Let’s be factual when it comes to our Veterans. They have served and suffered and deserve our respect and gratitude.


Who supervises the department heads in NT under the new charter? The written document says that’s the job of the full-time mayor, part of the reason it is no full-time and we have to pay for three full-time people in that office.  The department heads have oversight over their employees--but the mayor isn’t supposed to sit back and answer, “I have confidence in my department heads,’ and not do anything to insure that the department heads are really supervising anything. They all work for us, including the mayor. What do they do to earn their keep and our continued trust that they actually care about serving us well? Worked better when aldermen kept the department heads doing their jobs properly and the part-time mayor just worried about photo-ops.


If you are a senior receiving social security and Medicare, Mitt Romney thinks you are taking a handout and you need to take personal responsibility for yourselves. Are you a veteran? Are you an active duty soldier? If so, he thinks the very same thing about you. You see, you are part of the 47percent that Mitt Romney referred to at a $50,000 a plate fundraiser. You don’t have to take my word for it, look online for yourself. Please, please look it up online. Don’t believe everything you hear. You owe it to yourself to protect your future. If you watch Fox News you are not getting the truth about Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and many other important issues. Don’t vote based on lies. Educate yourself, this is too important!