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December 26, 2012

Sound Off published Dec. 26

Tonawanda News — I think New York state should at least legalize medical marijuana for people with chronic health issues like MS, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc. I feel that all the pain medications prescribed do not help much and are more damaging to your liver and more addictive.


Well-meaning gun activists are claiming that gun control would be the answer. Only responsible, law-abiding people would be allowed to own guns. Well, Nancy Lanza legally owned (guns) which ended up killing 27 innocent people, mostly little children. If those guns were not there in the house the whole idea would never have entered that young man’s head. The guns were there legally. Think about it. The people who own these huge assault guns for whatever mind-boggling reason are usually not the ones who are going on shooting rampages. It is the crazies who get their hands illegally on these guns that someone else owns legally. There is no way to prevent that from happening. Making it legal to own these assault guns designed to blow away dozens and even hundreds of people instantly is stupid. For what reason does anybody need them? What is hard to understand about just making it against the law for people to own those kinds of guns? Better yet, get rid of them. If you are a hunter you have a license to own a hunting gun. You keep it in a locked cabinet and the ammunition for it locked in a separate cabinet. I am not a hunter and I do not know much about guns of any kind but I do see the difference. It seems, as of now, that there are more people being killed by guns than deer.

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