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December 28, 2012

Sound Off published Dec. 28


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I live near the house on Shad Street that is always so beautifully decorated every holiday season. They always make it look wonderful. It helps spread so much joy throughout the neighborhood. This year, it is tragic that the next door neighbors ruined it for the rest of us that truly enjoy it. Every time I drive by those neighbors houses, I feel such disgust with them. With all the violence in this world, they need to put differences aside and realize what a great town we live in. I hope that these neighbors can put their anger behind them, apologize, and move forward in the new year. The rest of us in the neighborhood all hope that the house is beautifully decorated again next year!


To the lady on our street that finds it necessary to stare down and yell at the kids playing outside: There are 20 families in Newtown, Conn., that would give anything to hear their kids outside playing and having a good time with their friends. You’re a grandmother. Did you forget what its like to be young and to have fun? Leave the kids alone!

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