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February 2, 2013

Sound Off published Feb. 2

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — With this gun law thing that they’re trying to ban assault weapons. Why do people need assault weapons to go hunting? You should have a rifle. Assault weapons belong in the army, not on the streets. This is ridiculous. Why do people have to have assault weapons? There is no reason to have them to hunt.


Here we go again with this Canal Fest business. Every year it’s the same thing, the City of Tonawanda just doesn’t want it because all the teenagers are so bad. I go there every single night and I never see a problem. Maybe one teenager might say something out of line and the cops are all around him like he’s a big serial killer or something. The teenagers don’t cause a problem, it’s the City of Tonawanda mayor. He just doesn’t want to have anything in this city. 


I’d like to tell everybody to not spend their money on the Sabres, because the Buffalo Sabres are not going no place. People work hard for their money these days. I don’t see why people should give their money to a billionaire hockey club owner when they can’t produce. They are not going to the playoffs. They are not going anywhere. They can’t win with the coach they have. So people save your money and stop giving it to a billionaire owner. It doesn’t make any sense to me.


Come on North Tonawanda why don’t you plow your streets? When my kids were growing up they saw the plow millions of times. But now my little grandsons, I want them to see a plow. We haven’t seen a plow on our street all winter. Let’s go, we need the roads plowed. Or maybe we just shouldn’t pay our taxes.