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August 31, 2013

Sound Off published Aug. 31

The Tonawanda News

Tonawanda News — Interesting to see that Republican governors who publicly condemn Obamacare, are secretly lobbying for funds from it! That means you Rick Perry of Texas, Jan Brewer of Arizona and so on. Absolute jokes these people are! I am happy, however, that their constituents will receive health care.


Are you a resident of North Tonawanda? Are you registered to vote? Do you vote? NT will continue to be ruled and steamrolled by a political party instead of governed by representatives of the people unless you live up to your privilege as a voter and fulfill your responsibility as a resident to vote. If you don’t exercise your responsibilities and duties by voting, you enable them to continue ignoring our priorities and instead substituting their own. You deserve what you get.


Concerts, bars, seasonal businesses, restaurants too expensive for residents to go to often — Is this the future of our beloved working class blue-collar NT? Noise from the concerts disturbs the residents and those in power don’t care. The newer bars are more upscale and bring in more out-of-towners and most longtime residents are fearful of going near them at night. Who is benefiting from the things which irritate the longtime residents who are still waiting for good streets and water-free basements?


I find it ironic that President Obama chose UB to talk about controlling the cost of higher education, an institution that sought the ability to raise tuition every year. The cost of college in NYS has gone through the roof, with no end in sight. When I went to college, my teachers drove Chevys & Fords .. .now they drive Volvos and Saabs!